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WOW talent builds for World of Warcraft
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WOW Talent Build Sites

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I have been running several WOW talent build sites for a few years now and I figured it is time to create a site that is a can point people to the information they need to play their class in world of warcraft. Most of my other sites list information such as talent builds, glyph information, spell information, rotations and so forth for players so they can play their class better. I will be supplying more general information here on this site that apply to all WOW classes as well as list the build sites where you can get more specific information.


Nov 29th 2012

I need to update this site more, I have been updating sites for 5.1 patch, Monk Builds and The Battle Pet site still have not been launched but I expect them out within a week or two.

Dec 3rd 2011

WOW 4.3 patch has been released and a lot of updates to my WOW build sites have been made. Soon I will also have all of the build sites completed for SWTOR.


Nov 27th 2010

Time goes on and so does the game. Cataclysm is just around the corner and will be arriving on Dec 27th and best part is I will not have to sit outside some store hoping to get a copy this time. Blizzard has made it so that you can purchase the game online and download it now; if you have the game downloaded on Dec 27th and at 12AM PST you can just login and play. Yay! Not that I plan to login at that time as past experience tells me that openings often do not go as smoothly as you would think.

All sites are updated as of 4.0.1, I will be adding more builds for cataclysm ahead of time.

I also want to apologize to a lot of people I do not get a chance to write back to that message in for advice on how to play their class. Sorry, I only have so much time, or I do not know.


June 21st 2009

So are you getting bored of one aspect of the game and are thinking of putting the game aside for a while? Hold on there is a lot to the game that people do not even try. I use to be a hard core raider that use to raid 5-6 days of the week , it was not unusual to play 5 hours a day after coming home from working an 11 hour day. Being a hard core raider was fun for a while but like doing anything too much it got a little old and I burned out. So what did I do to keep myself sane and keep enjoying the game? Well my raiding time is very low now, I may raid a couple of nights of the week but when I am not doing that there is always daily quests such as the argent quests, rep daily quests, trade skill quests, pvp, battle grounds, arena's, 5 man dailies and so on and so on... I even sometimes may try to head out and kill things to try and get a rare pet, mind you I do not do this a lot but I am just trying to show you that there is more to the game than just raiding so do not lose sight of that and burn yourself out. It is too easy to burn yourself out in WOW.

If you just want to be a better raider or learn how to play your class better then check out my build sites on the left hand side. They will show you how to be a better player by giving you talent builds and rotations that can help maximize your damage, healing, tanking etc... There is wow talent builds for pvp, healing, tanking, etc and a lot of other useful information. There is also other resources you can use on the internet that goes further than I have gone, for instance elitistjerks theory craft builds and can provide you with tools and equations to determine how much damage each build will do. I sometimes get information for my sites from elitistjerks, as well as from other players, sites and other sources. I usually find there is just too much information for people so I wanted to keep it simple for people and make the information easily available.

Please note I do not do this full time, I have a job that eats a lot of my time so sometimes I have a lot of work to catch up on with my sites.. So please keep this in mind before complaining about some builds not being up to date. I do like notification if a link is not working, site suggestions and build suggestions. If you would like to suggest a talent build for any class then use the submit a build link.



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