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What you need to know to submit your builds.
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Want to submit a WOW talent build?

If you want to submit a talent build please include the following information:

  • Build Name - You should include what it is for such as Pure RAID DPS, Arena PVP, Leveling, 5 man tank, etc
  • Description - Some very basic information about this build and how to play it, what the healing or dps is like. If set pieces are needed to play this build then list this in the description. Do not go overboard with the description but listing the main points are helpful and avoids people asking me the questions about how to play these builds.
  • URL Of The Build - Do not just list the talents without the link to the build, this does me no good and I am not about to check the armory to get this information(call me lazy if you want).
  • Glyphs - Please make sure glyphs are included in either the url of the build or in the description. Players often do not know how to glyph to get the most out of their build so help them out.
  • Rotation Information - It is very helpful to have this information, the number one question I have from build sites is what is the best rotation for a particular build so please list this information. Sometimes this may include making a couple of different rotations to include different situations such as single target or AOE rotations.

Optional information:

  • YouTube Videos - A video of the build in action showing people how to play it is very helpful. I actually wanted to fraps a bunch myself but it is not something I have had a chance to do yet.

If you write a book I am not going to post it all, I want the main points of the build that people need to know and that is it. I may or may not post your build when I receive it, it depends on if I like it and if I have time to post it.

If you have questions about a build I may or may not answer due to the time it would take to research your answer, oh sometimes I do but I work in real life so my time is limited.

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